A greener world for future generations
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We've chosen to make a difference.

Envirochoice is our very own brand, home grown in Australia, which means if you support Envirochoice, you #supportlocal .
Established in 2008, Envirochoice has given you the choice to make a difference.
To become an esteemed Envirochoice product, it must meet at least one of the following criteria

  • Certified compostable
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sustainably sourced (sustainably managed forests)

Only selected materials become Envirochoice products
Ones that come from natural resources, such as;

  • PLA - a plastic made from plants,
  • Natural fibre – sugarcane pulp, which is a by-product of the sugarcane industry
  • Bamboo – the fastest growing material in the world
  • Palm, the sheaths that break away from the trunks of palm trees.
  • Paper – recycled paper, or sourced from sustainably  managed forests.
  • or from recycled PET -  the world’s most recycled plastic.

Envirochoice gives you the option to divert your packaging from landfill and give it another life.

  • Recycling – Us Aussies love recycling, and it’s the most widely available way to divert our packaging from landfill. Products can be can be recycled into another product, again and again and again.
  • Composting – packaging can be turned back into the soil it was once grown in. Composting systems thrive off the bacteria in food waste. Therefore disposing of compostable packaging with food waste into a composter is a mutually beneficial win.


Australia's trusted packaging

Capri has the staples, trusted by millions of Australians.

The family owned brand is still owned by the same Western Austrailan family. Introduced into the market in 1998, Capri is known for its reliability, quality and convenience.
With a guarantee that every product is fit for purpose or we'll swap it out, you can trust Capri to reliably deliver your food and services.
Quite simply, it's great value for money and is made by Australians, for Australians.