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Dog Series

Thank you for supporting the below dog rescues across Australia.
A portion of each cup sold will be donated to them! 

Dogs Refuge Home

The Dogs’ Refuge Home was opened in October 1935. It is one of the oldest animal welfare organisation’s in Australia. More than 80 years on, the Home is still saving more than 1000 dogs in need every year. It has become an integral part of the Western Australian community.

Our fundamental belief is that dogs are entitled to the same love and respect that they unconditionally give us.

We have a Pro-Life Policy enshrined in our Constitution. We do not euthanise healthy animals because we believe that all dogs deserve a second chance. We take a ‘no time limit’ approach and will provide the best care and support to our dogs in kennel or foster care until a loving home can be found. Sadly, and only on the advice of a veterinarian, will a dog in our care will be humanely put to sleep. This is less than one per cent of our annual dog intake.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home not only takes in dogs from all over metropolitan Perth, but we work with local governments and other rescue groups to bring in unwanted dogs from around the State to give them a second chance at a happy life.

Without the generous support of the community and donations from dog loving people and businesses, we would not be able to provide the vital care needed to look after all the dogs that pass through our gates.

Animal Welfare League Queensland

Animal Welfare League Queensland is committed to working with councils and the community to provide animals a second chance at life and rehome abandoned and homeless animals. And, no matter what, they will always maintain this commitment.

At the same time, Animal Welfare league Queensland will continue to work tirelessly every day to maintain our promise – to never euthanise a healthy, sociable or treatable animal in our care. They are re incredibly proud of this promise and as a result their euthanasia rate continues to be one of the lowest in Australia.

As the champions for animals in need, Animal Welfare League Queensland is committed to creating lasting changes for animals in our society – not only those animals in their care, but also those animals within the community. By doing this they keep people and pets together.

DCH Animal Adoptions

Dog, Cats and Horses Animal Adoptions is a non-profit animal rescue charity based in New South Wales, who are committed to the rescue and rehoming of unwanted and neglected domestic animals – mainly dogs, cats and horses – but occasionally other animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Operations are managed entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers in a wide range of roles. Our volunteers rescue animals from certain death in Sydney’s pounds and shelters, and horses from the knackery to ensure they are provided with veterinary attention and foster care until a permanent and loving home can be found. We also assist to rehome surrendered dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and horses from owners who find themselves needing to rehome their animals due to various circumstances.

Maggie's Rescue

Maggie’s Rescue, founded in 2011, was named in honour of Maggie, a Border Collie who inspired the founders to build the rescue after witnessing her suffer the worst kind of neglect.

The team of carers work tirelessly to support animals surrendered from families dealing with hardships, in pound environments and from the street, by providing a safe haven and placing them into the homes of our trained foster carers where they live and become family. This gives our animals the best chance to rehabilitate and prepare for their new lives, and also covers all veterinary treatment until they are adopted, including desexing and vaccinations.

Maggie’s also advocates for the rights of companion animals in Australia. They also cooperate with the City of Sydney in desexing of stray cats and has recently enlisted the aid of a qualified dog behaviour specialist to help their foster carers support special needs animals, and to provide the best chance for a successful adoption.

Paws Darwin

PAWS Darwin is an animal welfare organisation with charitable status, now located at 77 Winnellie Road Winnellie. PAWS Darwin is dedicated to providing care for unwanted animals with the ultimate goal of re-homing these animals to loving families. We also aim to educate the community on animal issues such as the importance of desexing your pet which is achieved through school excursions and advertising campaigns. Our last litter program is offered to anyone wanting to surrender puppies or kittens, we believe that change can only happen if people are enabled to do the right thing.